In 2022, Torine released her first EP “UNHOLY’’. Telling the story of her life in black and white with little room for shades of grey, the EP describes Torine’s early years spent trying to figure out her own identity amongst a family caught between religion and drugs. «The burial of the person I used to be», as Torine puts it. Now, the pop-/punk princess takes a big step into the future with new music this fall. The music reflects her evolution to where she is in life now – a person who speaks to those who are usually not spoken to and writes songs about girls the exact same way that boys do. And most importantly, normalizes it.

The handcuffs from the past are gone. Torine feels more liberated than ever. Free to explore herself both lyrically and musically.

Despite her young age, the 23-year-old from Arendal, Norway has built an impressive artistic CV. Torine’s music career started as an ambitious 16-year-old when she auditioned for Norwegian Idol. Five years later she has established herself as a rebellious, honest, and vulnerable artist who creates music for outsiders who thrive outside the box. With over 200 million streams under her belt and successful tours in both Europe and Asia, Torine has proven that she has a voice, stage presence, music, and identity that qualify her for a place among the stars.


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